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'SHE' Teams were launched on 24th October 2014 by Hyderabad City Police. The teams are headed by Addl CP in Hyderabad City. These teams were formed keeping in view the Telangana Govt's vision for a safe and secure environment for women.


The aim of these teams are to curb eve teasing and harassment of women in public places.

Composition of Teams

The teams consist of an officer of the rank of a Sub-Inspector of Police a lady constable and 2-3 male constables. They are in civil dress and carry a discreet camera with them to record what they see for future evidence.

Modus operandi

Hotspots have been identified where such harassment is taking place. These places include bus stands, railway stations, near colleges, schools, ladies hostels, parks, hospitals etc. The teams move in the area and observe the behaviour of the eve teaser. His activities are recorded through a discreet camera. He is caught by the team and brought to the police station. His antecedents are verified. Depending on the nature and gravity of stalking, different sections of law are booked against him. First time offenders are booked under petty cases. Sec 290 IPC , Sec 70 (c) of Hyderabad city police Act, if the victim does not want to give a written complaint. If he is a repeat offender or if there is a specific complaint by a woman, cognizable sections of IPC is booked against him including The Criminal Amendment Act 2013 (Nirbhaya Act)


Apart from booking petty cases the offenders are also counseled and his parents and other family members are also called. Juveniles and young boys are professionally counseled along with parents . He is also asked to participate in anti- Eve teasing campaigns which are monitored closely. The help of NGOs are also being taken to reform these minors. An NGO where members are mostly young boys and girls and who campaign against social evils help to reform these eve teasers. The offenders are sent along with the NGO members while campaigning against Eve teasing as a part of the group.

Effects of Counselling

The offenders are being counseled and also warned to behave themselves and refrain from such activities. Parents are also appreciating the action of the police and promising to keep a watch on their wards. Weekly attendance is kept for the eve teasers (minors)depending upon the gravity and nature of the case. The help of the 'Childline' is being taken in this regard. This is done to bring about a change in their attitude and behaviour.

Change (Parivarthan)

After the counselling many are expressing their willingness to change their mindset and have repented for their bad behaviour towards women. Many of them are voluntarily coming forward for ANTI EVE-TEASING campaign through social media like Facebook,Whatsapp,Twitter etc. Some have made posters on Anti Eve teasing and pasted at their work places and educational institutions. A complete change ( PARIVARTHAN ) is noticed in their behaviour.

Awareness Campaigns

  • Awareness is also created by the teams in bus stands, colleges,hostels, shopping malls and other hotspots regarding SHE TEAMS.
  • Posters, pamphlets, stickers etc are also distributed for creating awareness. Digital displays at traffic junctions create awareness too.
  • Short films, SHE TEAM songs have been prepared.
  • Slides also have been prepared to be displayed at cinema theatres.
  • Runs have also been organized to create awareness.
  • Women are encouraged to come out and complain regarding any kind of harassment that they face.

Social Responsibility

All citizens are encouraged to report any kind of harassment that they witness. The public are also assured that the victims or the person giving such information would not be exposed and their names and phone numbers would not be revealed to anyone.

Ways To Approach "SHE TEAMS"

  • DIAL- 100
  • E-MAIL -
  • FACEBOOK - SHE TEAM Hyderabad
  • Whatsapp- 9490616555
  • Mobile Application - HAWK EYE Hyderabad
  • Postal address-SHE TEAMS, O/O Addl CP Crimes and SIT, 3rd Floor, Traffic Control Room, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad -01


The public have appreciated this initiative and a sense of security has come to the women in Hyderabad city. The Govt of Telangana has asked all the districts of Telangana to replicate this initiative. A training programme for the teams from all districts was conducted by SHE Teams of Hyderabad City Police and this programme is now extended to the entire Telangana State.

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